Do You Lack Direction?

Don’t you hate how when you get older you lose the sense of an ultimate goal of what you want to do in life? It’s like adulthood alters the simplicity of your desires. You get saddled with the added weight of reality and responsibility.

You feel cornered into making the sensible choice, or the most logical. Limiting risk and keeping in mind survival, rather than enjoying life as much as you can.

Chalkboard background with a thought cloud drawn with a lightbulb inside

Some people can overcome this and continue to persevere towards their goals despite hardships and failure. These are the starlets and famous people of our time that didn’t give up on their seemingly outlandish dreams. At the same time, pursuing this path doesn’t always result in success.

A select amount of people have the quality of character and charisma to make their dreams come true.

It has been suggested that inspiration can come from a near-death experience, death of a loved one, nature, art, music, love, and birth. It can even come from injustice or atrocities happening in the world or environment of the person.

The important thing to remember is, you aren’t alone in feeling uninspired or in the search for that one thing to inspire you. Once you find it, hold onto it because it is a precious thing to discover and can ultimately help you find your direction in life.

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