Resolutions 2018 DONE


For 2018 I made the resolutions of:

Staying off of social media

Getting into shape

Paying off all my debts

Staying single

Now in 2019, I can say I completed all my resolutions successfully. It was definitely difficult and required a great deal of discipline on my part.

I would have to say that staying off of social media freed up a great deal of time and removed one of the biggest distractions to achieve these resolutions.

Staying single was simple, I just didn’t put out the vibe that I was looking or interested. I also was limited in social outings anyway because of the lack of social media. Furthermore, since I was trying to pay off my debts, I was working really hard to raise the money and didn’t have the time.

Getting into shape required me to self motivate and stick to a schedule. Using the SMART goal setting tactic helped me keep things in perspective. Additionally, I began a competition to keep myself accountable. The person I competed with was Michael B. Jordan. I know you’re probably asking, “How?!”

He wasn’t aware of it, but he still served as a good competitor because despite NOT being on social media, that man was EVERYWHERE.

As for staying off of social media, I just had to occupy my time with other things. Since I had those other resolutions going on, as well as finishing up the coursework for my degree, I kept busy. It also helped to have big events to look forward to each month. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve your resolutions, whatever they may be.

©JustTalkingShep 2018

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