Are You Ugly?

Image of a family of stick figures looking at themselves in the mirror

 Am I ugly? Is a question that we all unfortunately ask ourselves at some point in our lives.

Some of us ask ourselves this question every day. Regardless of gender, it is a question that plagues the mind and threatens our sense of self. To answer that question, you have to consider several things.

Image of a family of stick figures looking at themselves in the mirror

Your concept of beauty is a result of your environment. We aren’t born with an inherent sense of what is beautiful and what isn’t. You were born loving yourself just as you are, it’s reflected in the way babies kiss and smile at their own reflection. 

The concept of what is beautiful or handsome is taught to us by others. You were taught by your parents or adult figures growing up, your closest family or friends, and the media.

At one time, you were considered grossly poor if you were skinny. Scandalous and lacking class if you weren’t all covered up as a Victorian woman. Pale skin was the fashion with some women adding toxic white lead to their skin to achieve the look.

Victorian dressed woman drinking tea

As time has passed, things have now changed to favor tanned skin and skin-tight clothes to highlight the body.

Going from the hippie natural looks of the seventies to the plastic surgery enhanced, perfection-obsessed looks of today. The concept of what is attractive is an ever-changing fluid one. It changes through time, cultures, and societies.

You can watch the concept of what is attractive change by the decade.

I want you to understand that you decide whether you are ugly or not.

Despite what you may have been led to believe, you have the ultimate power to decide whether you are attractive. The idea of what is attractive constantly changes and there are billions of people on this planet yet only one of you.

You may feel like you don’t fit in or you are made fun of for deviating from what is considered the normal or the standard in your group but understand your luck.

You stand out, you aren’t considered normal, you’re not like everyone else, you’re unique.

You’re an original and although you may not be appreciated in your surroundings, that doesn’t change the masterpiece you continue to be.

So are you ugly? That is up for no one else but you to decide. But as you decide, consider whether the doubt you have truly comes from yourself or from what you see on social media or magazines, or from what someone else has said.

Woman looking at magazine

Recognize that a question is a result of you being unsure about something. You’re not sure if you are ugly, maybe because deep down inside you know that you aren’t and you’re just looking for confirmation from someone else.

No matter who you are, if you’re reading this–know that I don’t think you’re ugly. And realize that ultimately, you don’t think you are either.

©JustTalkingShep 2019

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