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Compete with Michael B. Jordan: How to Get Fit in 2019

#ComeAtMeMichaelB: How to Get Fit in 2019

Unbeknownst to Michael B. Jordan, I’ve been in competition with him since June of 2018. Competing in terms of fitness regimen and dedication. Although I don’t have the same resources, I’ve done my best with articles from the likes of Muscle & Fitness and Men’s Health to at least be in the ball park of what he may do. I’ve also looked at interviews he has done that question his fitness practices.

Why did I choose Michael in particular?

Well, he was the one star that had great fitness results but seemed humble and realistic enough that it may be something that is attainable. It also baffled me how I could still see him so much even without social media. He was saturating media with talk shows, magazine covers, and YouTube appearances!

Why not a female fitness figure?

I’ve found that in following female fitness figures or celebrities, I can lose track of focusing on the exercise and instead begin to compare myself to them. This lead me to get discouraged at some points because I would end up thinking I could never look like that. Furthermore, I’ve always liked to think of myself as just as capable as any man.

At first, following Michael B. Jordan’s practices was hard. It is essentially adopting a new lifestyle and dedicating yourself to upholding yourself to the regimen. I began with at least once a week in the gym and gradually built up to four days. I also added hit workouts and paid more attention to my nutrition and sleep habits. I didn’t follow exactly what he did, I focused more on following his frequency of exercise.

The change was slow to come at first. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. However, I stuck with it and now I can say I feel like I am more toned than I ever have been in my life and stronger. I’m lifting weights twice the amount I started with. I am faster on the treadmill and have more stamina.

Get in competition with Michael B. Jordan if you want to get in better shape in 2019. As for the result of the competition between us, I have to say I won.

Sorry Michael.



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