How To Get Told You’re Beautiful Everyday

I get told I’m beautiful every day. I receive massages every other day. I’m shown love every day through kind words, acts of service and the care showed me. I receive random gifts of things I like. Surprise flowers just because.

Wooden hearts hanging

What do I do to receive all these things and inspire these expressions of love?

I am true to myself and honest about my needs. I consider what I need to really feel loved and appreciated and express that. The greatest thing I do to guarantee I receive all these things is to give it to myself. That’s right, I do all these things for myself.

Because if I can’t even do this for myself… how do I expect someone else to do it for me?

How can I set an expectation for someone else that I can’t even fulfill for myself?

Does that sound fair? I need my partner to understand my needs completely and make me feel loved constantly. I want them to express that love in all the ways I like.

They need to know what to do or how to support me when I am angry, sad, annoyed, or excited. They must know how to please me and make me feel good.

Heart cut into a shrub

So…someone has to do all these things that you don’t even do for yourself? Better yet, do you know what you need when you’re angry, sad, annoyed or excited? How to please yourself?

Do you know what your core needs are to feel loved?

Before you look for someone else to tell you that you are beautiful every day. Start with telling yourself first, because you are. Take the time to consider what you need and fulfill that for yourself.

Then you’ll know what to look for in someone else in order to receive what you need. At the end of the day, if you don’t have a clue what your needs are…how do you expect someone else to?

©JustTalkingShep 2019

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