The Most Important Decision of Your Life

I had an interesting conversation today on what the most important decision of your life is. Is it choosing the right partner to spend your life with or something different?

I understand that a life partner can have a heavy influence on your life as well as your outlook on the challenges that come your way.

However, I do not believe that choosing the right life partner is the most important decision of your life. I feel that honor lies in deciding what your purpose is. By purpose, I do not mean your career.

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I define purpose as what makes you feel fulfilled and accomplished.

What brings joy and happiness to your heart? A career can make you feel fulfilled however, it’s not the only thing.

You could find purpose in growing a beautiful garden, in helping others through volunteer work, baking the most delicious treats, or advocating for those who are unable to.

The possibilities are endless. It is vital that you place a heavier weight to discovering your purpose instead of a partner.

Finding the right partner is important but if you find the right partner for who you are now before you discover your purpose, it could lead to trouble down the road.

For example, you could meet someone and realize your purpose is to help park restoration efforts because you learned to find peace in nature.

If your partner hates the outdoors and lacks any interest in nature then you may find yourself trying to explain your feelings all the time.

Man and woman sitting apart from each other on park bench looking frustrated
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Your partner may feel like your work is pointless or a waste of time. There could be arguments at what they feel is wasted time together with you out at the parks.

That lack of support could cause you to ignore your purpose and affect your happiness in the long run.

The ideal partner would be someone who you can grow with and can support you throughout life’s changes

The most important decision in your life is not finding the right partner. It is finding your purpose and what ultimately satisfies your need to feel impactful.

People can come and go but when you have your purpose, the void they leave is always filled.

Knowing your purpose can help you choose the right partner who will support and may help you in your efforts.

However, if you haven’t discovered your purpose yet make sure you choose a partner that is willing to grow with you and support you whenever you do discover it.

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