Social Media After a Year Without

Now that I have been back on social media for a week. I find myself surprised that I feel so underwhelmed by it. I’m wondering why I was on it so much before and am a little out of sorts from the new features of the apps. Every app seems to look like the other.

Collage of social media icons

Social media can make you feel like you have to fill a certain mold in order for what you post to be worthy. The appearance of perfection has become the standard. No one wants to broadcast anything less.

Since I stepped away, I don’t feel the need to broadcast a perfect persona. I’m not looking for validation from my posts or trying to portray myself in a certain way. Rather, I want to post things that I want to share because I am proud of it.

If you were to base your assumption of other people on what they post, everyone seems to be perfect.

The women all have slim bodies with perfect brows, long lashes, big lips, and expert makeup. The men are all fit with chiseled features and designer clothes.

This isn’t real and it doesn’t speak to anyone’s struggles or imperfections. We are missing reality in social media.

Everything is seen through a filter and no one seems real.

It was hard enough growing up with just magazines and television showing you ideal images but now there are millions of people striving for it and making people feel less beautiful if they don’t measure up to the standard.

Cell phone with post it notes above it shaped like phone notification icons
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What is funny to me is that now big, curly hair and thick brows are in fashion but when I was growing up I was made fun of for these features.

People would throw small paper balls and food in my hair which made me keep my hair braided or in buns for the majority of the time. As I said in a previous post found here, the idea of beauty always changes.

Keep true to yourself no matter what others think. Understand that no one is perfect no matter what they may broadcast or show.

Everyone has their bad days and difficulties, it doesn’t matter what they look like. There is only one you and you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.

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