Is Our Government Poisoning Us?

I had an encounter with an individual who brought up their concerns about the government spraying us with metals. According to them, aluminum and barium are sprayed to minimize harmful rays from the depletion of the ozone layer.

They discussed the white trails that are seen behind planes as they fly overhead and the way trees look after rain.

Plane with contrails in the sky

“Things are different now,” they stated wearily, “Our food, water and air are getting poisoned.”

Rather than merely discount their words as conspiracist ramblings, I decided to look into it. I found an article found here, about a journalist’s experience with farmers who believed in the metal spraying which I found out they called ‘chemtrails’.

Geoengineering is the program unto which these efforts are believed to be completed. However, scientists refute these claims and state that Geoengineering is still in experimental phases.

The trails behind planes are instead called ‘contrails’ or condensation trails. Despite these statements, the farmers still believe in the chemtrails.

At one point one of the farmers stated that they would have voted for Trump based on a tweet they saw about him ending the chemtrails. The journalist discovered the tweet was impersonated and presented it to the farmer.

The response received was quite telling of how things have ended up as they have today. The farmer said they were ‘media illiterate’ and did not watch the news or listen to the news on the radio so the internet was their source of information.

They didn’t know to check facts, the just took what they saw to be true.

The Internet is a vast source of information and based on the individual’s skills, questionable sources can look highly reputable. The statements made by the farmer bring up the critical issue of needing to question what you see before you accept it as fact.

I am not sure about the truth of chemtrails however, NASA has published information found here on vapors they have injected into the upper atmosphere to study the Earth’s near-space environment.

The metals listed include the aluminum and barium that chemtrail believers think planes are spraying overhead.

The New York Times has an article found here discussing the possibility of Geoengineering and the outlook on global warming prevention. The option seems a grim one because it could cause consequences for certain countries over others based on who is using Geoengineering practices.

It also is hypothesized that once it starts, it cannot stop otherwise the effects could be catastrophic. All of this remains theory and more experimentation is needed to fully understand what Geoengineering can do to the planet.

However, I feel that the need to stop and minimize the source of deterioration to the planet should be the focus.

Planet earth is pictured on a black background
Photo by Pixabay on

So is our government poisoning us?

That remains to be fully verified and discovered. I cannot say whether the chemtrails believed to come from planes are true or not. According to an article on Climate Viewer News found here, there are traces of metals in the fuel burn off from planes.

I do not see it claimed by an actual airline carrier so I cannot verify the validity of these claims. However, NASA has it published that they do release vapors into the upper atmosphere.

Somewhere between all of this conjecture, theory, and assumption lies the truth. It is up to us as individuals to question our sources of information.

We ultimately need to ask what is being done to maintain our planet and minimize our polluted impact on it.

It has nothing to do with left or right-wing politics but as a general population, we need to live without fear of our planet being irrevocably damaged.

We must also reach a point where we can trust that our own government wouldn’t poison us without our knowledge.

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