Is Swearing Off of Love Self Poison?

I told myself I didn’t want to be in love at all. And when I said that I meant with anyone in general. But what I didn’t realize is that by doing this I was even blocking the flow of love for myself.

We are meant to love, we are loving creatures.

By denying love at all, I corroded loving on myself. It took away from my own happiness.

Yes, I’ve been hurt in love but fighting and denying it and keeping myself from it was poisoning my heart. We all need love. And I realized I needed to open myself up to it again for my own benefit.

Vial with poison written on the front with a skull and cross bones

When your heart gets broken it can feel easier to shut yourself off from feelings, especially love. This is the wrong approach to take.

Instead, the love you were pouring into someone else needs to be redirected back to yourself. All the love you gave is love that you could have given to yourself.

Don’t starve yourself of love because you perceive a missing outlet, just keep it within.

A broken heart needs love to mend but that love doesn’t have to come from someone else.

It can come from you. A majority of the time we give so much of ourselves in a relationship that we end up feeling like an empty shell when the person we were loving on is gone. 

Don’t poison yourself by cutting off love. You’re worthy of love whether it comes from someone else or not. There is always a well of love inside you just waiting to be tapped.

Woman looking down in thought while holding a paper heart to her chest

A partner can help you open up and discover a well you didn’t know was laying in wait but they are not the source.

People are a mirror to who you are. If you feel your partner is so loving to you, it’s because you inspire and cause that love to be expressed.

©JustTalkingShep 2019

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