How to Become Motivated To Be You

It can be difficult, especially in today’s world to feel like you can be yourself authentically. You’re pressured to present a curated image of your life and feelings. Only show things that are, ‘Worthy of the gram.’ Beautiful, envy-worthy scenery, the best angles, the brightest colors.

Lemon slices are pictured with one slice being different because the pulp is pink

Life isn’t as perfect as the images we are shown.

Emotions aren’t always on joy and elation. This distortion makes us feel like something is wrong with us. Why aren’t we as happy as all these beautiful smiling strangers? Why aren’t we surrounded with just as gorgeous a backdrop and vivid colors? Why isn’t our body to die for, skin as flawless?

But it isn’t reality. It is a fantasy that we all sell to each other.

We manufacture lies and perfection in the pursuit of likes and recognition. When you are feeling low because of the seemingly wonderful lives everyone else is leading rather than you, please remember that it is all a mask. A mask of perfection that we sell to our supposed friends and family.

Everyone is flawed, just some are better at hiding it than others. Even if you cannot see the flaws, they exist.

Understand that it is okay to be you, flaws and all. Revealing those flaws and that truth is attractive because it makes you human and more relatable.

Rather than striving to be removed from the day to day, make the day to day the forefront. You are wonderful no matter what. You are exceptional in your truth.

Be motivated to be you because no one else can.

The unique experiences and growth that you have gone through are unique to you. Your opinion and vantage point should be shared.

No one else can tell your story quite like you can. Express themselves as you would. Share themselves as you can.

People can imitate but no one can be duplicated.

You owe it to the world to be yourself unfiltered and raw. The world needs you just as you are. You don’t have to be perfect, just be yourself. Be motivated to be you. So the world can feel free to do the same.

©JustTalkingShep 2019

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