Unlucky Number 13


Life has been unkind to you since your day of birth,

Born into a world of pain and hurt,

Trapped in a cage only you can feel,

“Is your pain real?”

Questioned before you can begin to heal,


Your reality a colored prism,

You hide behind your mannerisms,

A smile and a laugh to hide your dismay,

Don a mask to encourage someone to stay,

Fear to be found in your cage,

The lock continues to rust as you age,


You found me and our souls matched,

I reached your bars and you felt attacked,

Scared to be finally seen, you pushed me back,

I gave a piece of my heart to reach that far,

Being dismissed left a nasty scar,

I was a hollow husk, an animated corpse,

My mind a labyrinth, my personality warped,


I didn’t know who I was nor what I stood for,

A broken china doll with a missing core,

I had to become a hermit and don a shell,

Isolate myself in a lonely cell,

In my solitude I found rebirth,

I regained knowledge of my worth,

That scar is closed, the stitches mended,

My soul has truly ascended,


Yet you remain in your cage,

A new mask you’ve donned with a new stage,

Your true self remains to be seen,

My beloved, unlucky number 13.


©JustTalkingShep 2019

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