Do You Have The Power of Emotional Control?

Control of your emotions is akin to holding power over your primal brain. When emotions are left unchecked you can fall prey to them.

If you are moved only by your feelings, it can leave you making poor decisions you otherwise wouldn’t have. Controlled emotions allow you to take in the world more objectively.

You become removed from the ego, the idea that whatever is going on in the world is centered around you.  Ego corrupts the ability to fully comprehend another person’s speech or point of view.

Your control strengthens your empathy. The world is viewed from the vantage of a scientist. Everything becomes something to be logged and studied.

Line of balls are seen with faces on them of varying emotions

Emotions cloud reality and encourage the maintenance of ego.

When you feel a certain way, it colors the way you see and view the world. It can lead you toward disastrous passion or unwarranted melancholy. The logical brain allows a view of the world that is closer to the truth.

You are then able to objectively say whether someone was really being rude or if you were just in a bad mood so you read whatever they said through that filter.

That isn’t to say that emotions are a bad thing. They act as an enhancement to experiences in life.

Emotions serve as an accelerant to action.

It supersedes the time required for the logical brain to process stimuli and saved the primitive human from predators.

It is the difference between you feeling fear at the sight of a snake and quickly leaving the area or processing that there is a snake present and considering what his objective is. You are able to have a quicker reaction to dangerous situations through your emotions.

However, try to not let your emotions get the better of you. Consider whether how you receive a message is affected by the way you are feeling.

When you control your emotions you are less likely to regret actions you take because you have allowed yourself the time to think through them rather than simply act.

Sometimes it can feel as if it would be better to not have emotions because of the trouble they can lead us to. However, they serve as a defining characteristic of what it means to be human.

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