I sway gently with the breeze,

I see you slowly wavering through the trees,

My petals are laid bare for you to see,

I wonder if my colors will entice thee,

My stigma is glistening with anticipation,

Eager for our unification,

You draw closer hovering just above me,

I’m a lock awaiting my key,

You land and edge closer to my core,

With your first tentative probe, I yearn for more,

You’re fully extended drawing in deep,

The sensation causes my body to weep,

In and out amidst my folds,

My nectar is freed from your hold,

I’m nearly spent yet you don’t stop,

You greedily take every drop,

With one last draw, you retract and fly away,

I will never forget this day

Pink butterfly resting on a pink flower

©JustTalkingShep 2019

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