How Do You Know If He Likes You?

This is a question ladies have plagued themselves with since grade school.

How do you know if he likes you?

First, understand that when you are younger boys can be quite confusing and horrible at expressing themselves. What tends to be popular as an answer is that if he hits or is mean to you then it is just because he likes you.

Couple sharing cups of coffee laughing in conversation

This is incorrect and we need to break this narrative! This leads to a pattern of thinking that makes it okay for those boys to become abusive men when they grow up. And for our young girls to become abused women. It is NEVER okay for a boy to hit you or be mean to you to show his affection. Instead, if a boy likes you:

  • They may want to be near you all the time.
  • They can mirror what you do (your body language, your speech pattern).
  • Prolonged stares and smiles.
  • Acts of service, helping you with things or doing something for you.
  • If they are mature enough then they may just tell you so!

Now boys can find it difficult to communicate and express themselves, a man should NOT. If you are wondering whether a man likes you then chances are he does not.

A man does not leave anything to chance and lets a woman know exactly how he feels. He has outgrown his adolescent tendencies and has enough confidence in himself to pursue what he wants.

He will not leave you wondering what his intentions are.

Some men avoid putting themselves out there because they are afraid of rejection. If you believe this is the case, be sure you are not leaving the impression you are not interested if you are.

Assess your behavior to be sure you are not alienating him. However, as I said before if a man is determined he will risk rejection for the chance at a yes from you.

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