What Are You Waiting For?

Imagine for a moment that person you have always had feelings for, the job you have always wanted, the trip you have always wanted to take, the hobby you have always wanted to do, the experience you have been eager to have.

Now consider if you knew you only had 24 hours to live.

What would you pursue? What would you no longer doubt yourself in? Where would you go?

No one is guaranteed another day. So why are you holding yourself back from what your heart truly desires? You only have one life to live and each day you are drawing ever closer to the end.

Why waste it worrying about what others think or putting yourself down before you can even get in the game?

No one’s kindness is ever promised in this world, except from yourself. You can always choose to be kind to yourself.

Man carrying a cello walking down a tunnel

Give yourself the chance to impress and exceed your own expectations. If you won’t even give yourself the chance, how do you expect anyone else to?

Sometimes we make the excuse of waiting for a sign. We look for a grand display that something is meant to be. Or we even create these checklists of what we need to have happen or see in order to move forward.

Signs won’t always be present and life throws so many curve balls that our figurative lists we create for ourselves may never end up getting fully checked.

Life won’t wait for you.

It is a constant river that ebbs and flows through time. Live fully and don’t give yourself any room for regrets.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is be in a position where you wonder about the life you could have had or the love you could have experienced. The key factor that keeps you from knowing what all you could have or do is you.

Push yourself, challenge yourself, surpass your goals and dreams. Each second draws you closer to the end.

What are you waiting for?

©JustTalkingShep 2019

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