Captain Marvel: A Mood

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“I don’t have anything to prove to you.”

If you’ve seen the movie then this is relevant to you, if you haven’t-I don’t believe this gives too much away.

This phrase represents a mindset that we as strong women must embrace. Recognizing that you are enough just as you are and resist the urge to try and succumb to the pressures of others to prove ourselves.

You must be confident in your own self-worth, gifts, and talents. Don’t feel as if you have to deny and dull your power to show what you are made of.

Captain Marvel Pop Funko Figure

Throughout life, we can end up in situations where we feel as if we must prove our capabilities. When you are presented with this scenario, please remain steadfast in the knowledge that you have nothing to prove to anyone else.

It only satisfies the other person to indulge in their taunts.

Moreover, you have to keep in mind you cannot please everyone and someone else’s definition of what is ‘enough’ could represent a level severely limiting to you.

For example, what if someone wanted to prove you could run three miles as fast or faster than them? In their mind that is a great feat and would mean that you are as great or greater than them.

Little do they know that not only can you run three miles fast, but you are also able to run five miles without any trouble. In taking their challenge you limit yourself and are only diminishing revealing your true strength. Never feel like you have to prove anything to anyone else.


You are excellent, powerful beyond measure, and amazing. Don’t let anyone else make you think you aren’t. Including the negative thoughts or doubts that may come from within.

The next time someone tries to challenge you to prove your worth. Respond with “I don’t have anything to prove to you,” because you truly don’t.

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