Trapped In A Dream…or Nightmare


Have you ever had a dream where you felt yourself so engrossed in the storyline that you just couldn’t pull away? It is sort of like you are concentrating to stay asleep just to see what comes next. Sometimes the dream can feel so vivid that you can barely tell that you are asleep.

I have dreams like that ranging from an adventure theme to romance or suspense. The adventure ones are especially exciting. I can feel my heart racing and that sense of building anticipation to get whatever task I must accomplish done.


Romance dreams allow me to live out a scenario, almost like another life. When I was younger it would be love between me and whatever celebrity I was crushing on. Now it tends to be more of the idea of the person. I don’t see their face but can sense how they make me feel and make my stomach fill with butterflies.

Suspense dreams tread a fine line between maintaining my curiosity and delving into a nightmare. Adventure dreams sometimes go hand in hand with suspense BUT when there are creepy elements that’s when it takes a dark turn. It is the worst feeling when I am stuck in a nightmare!

Everything in you is wanting to escape but it’s like your subconscious wants you to play out whatever horror it has cooked up. In nightmares, sleep paralysis can become quite noticeable. It’s like your mind isn’t ready to let you leave that state of fear that the nightmare built up.

Every now and again you can have a nightmare that forces you to wake up in the middle of the night because it felt realistic or the content was so arresting that it’s like your body forces you to wake up. That’s the nightmare I had, which started as an inconspicuous although weird dream.


My friend told me to meet them at a shop where there was seemingly nothing inside. However, when I went in there seemed to be small alters with candles and flowers on them in an otherwise empty room. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were small voodoo dolls. I immediately made my way to walk out when I heard a voice asking if I needed help to which I yelled out “No!” and immediately dashed out.


Once outside, I looked around until I saw my friend who led me to where they meant, a countryfied dive bar. My friend went and got me a bandana to wear to match the mood of the venue. An older lady went to put it on me but once it was fastened around my head it changed into a middle eastern like sheer purple veil covering my face. The atmosphere in the room changed and I no longer saw my friend or the older woman but two young girls who looked my complexion asking me to help them read something.


I picked up the book they offered and began reading but as soon as the words spilled from my lips the room seemed to darken and the young girls began changing into young women. They kept aging to really old women with lots of wrinkles and white long hair and I could see myself changing to be old like them too.

I immediately stopped reading and started to run away but one of them grabbed at my legs and told me I was meant to be one of them. I yelled I didn’t want to practice brujeria (witchcraft) and shook her off to run away.


Then the dream changed to the inside of a movie theater. It seemed like the movie had ended because the only thing I saw was the credits rolling. But it felt like I was being held to the seat by sharp hands that almost felt like claws. Reminiscent of being scratched by coat hangers. It was drawing blood as the pressure increased and it felt so real that I jolted awake.

I have no idea what that nightmare was supposed to symbolize. It amazes me how powerful our minds can be. If we imagine vividly enough we can cause ourselves to experience sensations of things that do not exist. Being trapped in your mind’s creations whether good or bad can be quite the experience.


©JustTalkingShep 2019

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