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Time Management

Time management is one of the hardest things for me because I am a procrastinator but in the same token, I need structure because I have problems focusing. I thrived when it came to school because everything was set out on a schedule and I enjoyed the acknowledgement of my efforts.

Setting a schedule for yourself as an adult, you have to hold yourself accountable.

There isn’t the threat of a failing grade or getting detention for being late. When you become an adult it also seems like you tend to forget what all you could get done in a day as a child. You had so many subjects to attend to and homework to get done but somehow you did it all and still managed to spend time with friends. Maybe it’s because when you’re younger time seems endless and you worry about it less so you’re better able to utilize it. As an adult it seems like you are constantly on a countdown clock.

Time is constantly evading you and you are left always asking for more. I’m attempting a block schedule system so rather than focus on hour by hour and feeling at a loss because I missed a set time, I simply have a chunk to get certain tasks done in. This is my first day of trying it and we will see how it goes.

I exercised for the first time in awhile. I was scheduling by hour which made me feel more pressure if I missed the set time. I’m starting to feel less of a pull to watch television and shows because those hours could be better spent creating something to be remembered by. No one will congratulate me for binge watching all the episodes of The Good Place or staying up to date on Gotham.

However if I spend that time writing a short story, creating art, filming a video, or creating music, I have something that I can share. Something I would like to be remembered by.  

In order to find your passion you must spend your time creating rather than consuming.

Through creation you can figure out what you wake up excited to do or what you may have a talent for. Sometimes I wonder whether the next great invention or creation is not being made because that person is using that time to scroll through social media or spend hours on YouTube rather than discovering their talent. It is nice to relax but it is best not to let relaxation turn to laziness.

Time management is a struggle for us all but if we at least make the effort to be efficient, the results could be magnificent. Never forget, you have gotten so much done before, as a child! Being an adult hasn’t changed the amount of hours in a day, simply your mindset changes. Be disciplined and just because one approach may not work, it doesn’t mean you should give up. I believe in you!

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