Should You Give Your Number or Should They Ask?

Yesterday I got into a small debate with my coworkers about whether you should give your number to someone that seems interested or if they are supposed to ask. In my opinion, if someone is interested in you then they should ask for your number.

I mean imagine it like this, someone compliments your looks and then you respond with, “Thanks, do you want my number?” Doesn’t that seem over eager?

I feel like if you are bold enough to offer a compliment then you should be able to follow through and ask for the number as well. I suppose the offering of your number could be seen as you meeting the person halfway.

Image of keypad from a payphone

But I subscribe to the school of thought that men should be more assertive in pursuit. It is attractive to me to have a man confident enough in himself to go for it.

Then again, I am quite dense when it comes to picking up ‘vibes.’ Unless a man outright says what is on his mind or his intentions I often just completely miss signals.

I haven’t had a boyfriend in years but when my last one asked me out I didn’t think he was serious.

Up until that point, we had been joking around with a group of people. I didn’t pick up that he was solely interested in me. For a quick second, my incredulity made me seem like I was insulted he would even ask me. Needless to say, ‘vibes’ elude me.

So the question remains, should you give your number or should they ask? If they are struggling and making the effort to pursue you, then I say sure.

I like quirky and awkward guys. Those are often the type of guys that have difficulty getting to what they are trying to say.

When you can see where a guy is trying to go then I say it doesn’t hurt to help. However, I don’t think you should outright just supply your number upon meeting.

But hey, every person has their own preference and thing that works for them.

As for me, I believe if a man wants a date or a phone number then he should ask. We will see if that eventually works out for me.

My status right now: single.

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