Journey For A Beignet

If you’ve never had a beignet before, prepare yourself for a delicious treat! Beignets are French donuts covered in powdered sugar. They can bring to mind a funnel cake like feel. However, beignets are fluffier and the taste is better in my opinion.

My best beignet experience was at the famous Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a cafe famous for its quality beignets and is open 24 hours a day. People wait in extremely long lines both to be seated and to buy from the take out line. However, once you have a taste of their beignets you realize it is worth it.

I had to drive an hour and a half from my grandmother’s house just to get some orders to enjoy! Once you reach the French Quarter, finding a place to park is hard. We had to settle for a prepaid parking lot that was high priced but it wasn’t too far from the cafe. We luckily got there early enough that the line wasn’t too long for takeout.

One order is three donuts for $2.73, it comes in a white paper bag filled with powdered sugar. It’s best to shake the bag while it is hot and fresh in order for the sugar to adhere to the donut well. When you eat the beignets, you have to be careful because the powdered sugar will end up all over your body as you attempt to eat them.

Be warned that if you do go to Cafe Du Monde, they only accept cash. If you happened to forget when you are already there, the CVS down the street has an ATM inside. I had to scrape around for my order! It was a lesson in always keeping a little bit of cash on me.


©JustTalkingShep 2019

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