Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Yourself

We tend to be oversaturated with information. Whether it comes from the television, social media outlets, or the internet in general.

All we have are distractions from what is going on in the here and now. What is most problematic about this is the numbing effect it has on our self-awareness.

We see other people’s joy and happiness in small bursts and it serves as a hit of dopamine. The dosage keeps coming but at a certain point, it loses its potency.

Scrolling loses its novelty and all those emotions we truly were feeling at the time, masking and numbing ourselves to, come to the fore. We are overwhelmed. We feel sick, anxious, saddened.

Statue of birds with one looking away and the other with their head hung down

We feel at a loss to communicate through the ocean of emotions that were blocked by distraction. To avoid this I ask that you take a break from all the distractions. The feeds, timelines, binges, and snaps.

Give yourself some days of the week or certain periods of the day where you unplug. Allow yourself the opportunity to check in with yourself.

Evaluate how you are truly feeling and doing. Consider it a way to practice self-love and self-awareness.

It is crucial that we stop ignoring ourselves. As painful and lonely as it can be to truly be alone with yourself, it is necessary to avoid a melt-down.

No one enjoys being overwhelmed with emotion, take the necessary steps to keep your emotions manageable.

The times you do focus on you, it may help to write out, or create something to help you sort through what you feel. Maybe create a piece of art, journal, vlog, or practice your instrument if you are musically inclined.

You owe it to yourself to not ignore your emotions. You do not only yourself a service but the people in your life as well.

How can others support you in how you feel if you haven’t taken the time out to truly understand and recognize what you do feel? You’re worth the time and attention.

©JustTalkingShep 2019

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