How To Make Peace With Your Arm Hair as a Woman

As a woman, there is this overwhelming expectation that you must be as hair free as a naked mole rat. Like the concept of hair on a woman seems ludicrous and disgusting.

Growing up I was bullied and jeered at for being hairy. It’s not something that I consciously chose to do. It just was a part of my being.

Looking back, it seems silly that I let those taunts hurt me.

But when you’re young, you still are forming the concept of who you are and other people’s opinion can heavily sway that. I would wear jackets and long shirts to try and hide it.

Inevitably, it would be too hot to cover up and once again the jokes and taunts would start again. As soon as I was able to, I would shave my arms and legs.

Eager to be deemed beautiful in a way the masses would accept.

Constant shaving and waxing would grow tiring throughout the years. Eventually, I became exhausted putting on so much effort to be accepted.

As I grew older, I realized that if I am fine with my arm hair, then that is all that matters. I still wax my legs because I prefer it that way, NOT because I fear what others may think.

However, when it is winter time I allow my legs the freedom to just grow wild.

It’s astounding that hair on women is such a big deal but a man can be as hairy as a bear and be considered handsome still. I mean, we are all mammals, it’s a part of the defining characteristics that make us so.

Rather than allow someone to make you feel horrible for being a typical mammal, OWN IT.

Now if someone brings up my hairy arms, especially if it is a man, I simply ask, “Does it intimidate you?” Or, “Does it threaten your masculinity?” I even bring up the fact that I groom my hair to all fall the same way.

I’m like some sexy tigress.

Funnily enough, I bonded with some ladies over the fact that we all let our arm hair grow out.

Hair on women shouldn’t be a big deal. You shouldn’t allow men, media, or even other women deter you from finding beauty in your natural self.

If you don’t like my hair then I’m sorry, that sounds like a personal problem. I’m beautiful regardless.

Shep sitting at a cafe smiling with a glass in her hand and her arms showing

©JustTalkingShep 2019

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