Before the advent of technology through telephones, cell phones, and smartphones, communication was relegated to letters. Not just the basic letters we send through the mail in the bland white envelopes or the ones we used to fold up to pass in class on wide ruled sheets of paper.

I’m talking about the letters that came in heavy and thick envelopes, written in fine ink and closed with a wax seal. Occasionally there would be ribbon or certain sents affixed to the page.

These are the letters and methods of communication of old which fascinate and inspire me. I have loved the idea of mail correspondence ever since I was little. Granted I romanticized it before I realized that not just letters of love and affection come through the mail but bills as well. To me, a handwritten letter is both intimate and beautiful.

Sometimes I feel as if the art of courtship has died. Everything is instant and involves little effort. If I want to reach someone, I just choose the social media outlet or software of my choice. I like the idea of someone putting a bit more effort in reaching me. I love written word and poetry. Delivering it in a beautiful package is just like icing on the cake.


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1 thought on “Letters”

  1. Oh, I share in this nostalgia!

    In college, I took up exchanging handwritten letters with my dad, even though email + instant messaging + texting had already long begun their reign. He and I had more intimate conversations during that time than at any other and those letters are still among my greatest treasures.

    On another note, I’m happy to see this old-school mode of communication still alive + thriving in certain small pockets — for example, among crafters, indy zine publishers, international pen pals..

    No reason why you couldn’t revive it within your own circle of friends + relatives. Especially amidst the usual flood of bills and solicitations, I’m sure most people would welcome a lovely heartfelt personalized piece of snail mail. They might even be inspired to send one back in return. Then voila! a seemingly dying tradition gets new wings ~~~ 😊

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