Wealthy Rush to Aid Notre Dame, Why Not Others?

It is sad to see that a historical landmark like Notre Dame has been damaged and ravaged by fire. The cathedral has stood for hundreds of years, inspired countless artists, and stories like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. While the bell towers were saved, the roof and spire toppled and crumbled down.

Many entities are rushing to rebuild the burnt Cathedral and funds for that construction have come from a multitude of France’s and some of the world’s richest. Within two days nearly one billion has been raised for the cathedral.

This begs the question and draws attention to the fact that the wealthy can indeed become a force for good if they so chose, so why don’t they?

There is so much strife and need for aid throughout the world we live in today. It seems more value is placed into the restoration of a building rather than bettering and improving the lives of people in need.

This is quite ironic, considering that it was a cathedral that burned down. A building dedicated to religion and the ideals that come with it.

One of the main of which is to love one another and help others. So in that regard, wouldn’t these same wealthy people who have been watching idly by as the world suffers have given these funds to help?

The way society is set up today is quite troubling. The mentality that a building holds more significance than people and countries in need is troubling.

Moreover, if the fire is covered by insurance than the donations may not be needed. If that is the case, rather than allow them to return to the pockets of the wealthy, why not use those funds to help those in need?

The world could use more of a joint and unified effort to make it a better place. We are more connected than ever before and have the resources to communicate regardless of any language barrier.

Rather than remain so engrossed in our own worlds and interests, we should also consider what others are going through. We never know when we will be the one who needs the sympathetic ear or aid in our struggles.

Notre Dame Cathedral

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