Airport/Airplane Etiquette


It would seem like common sense to adhere to some of the guidelines below but you would be surprised at the outrageous things people do while traveling. Sometimes I wonder if there is some kind of alternate dimension people seem to live in when they are in the airport and airplane. Their senses are thrown out the window and its like everyone becomes children again.


First and foremost. PAY ATTENTION TO SIGNAGE. AGAIN, PAY ATTENTION TO SIGNAGE. I understand sometimes the stress of trying to find your gate or restroom can be overwhelming but before you take your frustration out on someone else, take a GOOD look at the signage. You look pretty stupid when you’re yelling about how difficult it is to find a restroom and it is literally right behind you.

DO NOT STOP WHILE WALKING IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING. You risk injuring yourself or others when you stop right in the middle of the walkway to chat or because you’re trying to grab or type something on your phone. Walk over to the side before you stop. You spare people pain when you do. Especially if they are in a rush to head to their next gate.

On the topic of walking, if you know you are a slow walker-STICK TO THE EDGES OF THE WALKWAY. It’s frustrating to others who are trying to rush or hurriedly get to their destination when you are taking up space, walking slow,  and there is no way to get around you.

DON’T BE GROSS. AGAIN, DO NOT BE GROSS. Don’t spit out on the ground in the terminal. True story, witnessed a man hack a loogie right on the walkway where everyone else was walking. WHY? If you have a pet and they shit on the walkway. OWN THAT SHIT. LITERALLY. Either have some bags ready to go to pick it up or warn others to avoid it so you can go get something to pick it up. Don’t just allow your dog to shit and keep walking, leaving victims in your wake.

When you are on the escalators, stick to one side. Have your bag either right in front of or right behind you but consume one space on the stair. That way if people are in a hurry around you, they can climb or rush down. We’ve all been there, we didn’t get up early enough, there was crazy traffic, just a horrible morning. It would be nice if we could at least make our flight right?

Do not take up seats unnecessarily. Don’t have your stuff scattered all around the seating area when you know there is minimal seating available. Consolidate and suck it up. You’re at the airport. You’re going to have to share your bubble. Period.

If you are getting food, have your order ready and in mind. If you are not sure of what you are getting, stay out of the line. Other people who are sure of what they want and have minimal time need every precious second to get their meal and keep it moving. You’re an asshole if you’re the one holding up the line with a “GEE…WHAT DO I WANT…HMM….”


HAVE THE STUFF THAT YOU WANT IN THE SEAT ALREADY OUT. Don’t be the annoying person who takes up the aisle and everyone’s patience digging through your bag for what you want at the seat. Moreover, if you want to have your jacket off while seated, TAKE IT OFF BEFORE YOU GET IN THE AISLE. It’s annoying to have you taking your sweet time to take off your coat on top of trying to grab your stuff from your bag.

DON’T OVERPACK TO THE POINT YOUR BAG IS BULGING/HEAVIER THAN YOU CAN MANAGE. You look pretty stupid trying to jam a bag that is full to bursting into the bin and it is obvious it won’t fit. When you can’t lift your bag and you’re straining to lift it to get it in you put others at risk around you who are already seated because if you drop it, you can injure them. You also can injure yourself straining to lift something heavy like that. NEWSFLASH, FLIGHT ATTENDANTS ARE THERE TO ASSIST YOU. Keyword ASSIST. NOT PUT YOUR BAG UP FOR YOU OR TAKE THE BRUNT OF THE HEAVY BAG YOU DECIDED TO PACK.

If you run to the restrooms in the back while boarding has started and are seated back towards the front, do not DO NOT try to ‘swim upstream’ to get back to your seat. If you see an opening to go back to your seat then take it. Otherwise, just wait to get back up there. You cause so much hassle trying to muscle your way back to the front and just seem rude.

DO NOT put your feet on the tray table or the top of the seat. DO NOT. It is gross beyond measure and if you don’t think so then just try to respect the shared space and don’t do it on the plane. Do not put it in the space in between the seats either. No one wants to look down and see your toes staring back at them. On the topic of feet. Neither you nor your small children should go the restroom barefooted or with socks. It’s gross. You’re basically barefooted in a port a potty. Not a pretty picture right?

These are some basics that if more people adhered to, would make travel less of a headache. Please keep your wits about you while you travel and try your best to be considerate of others.


©JustTalkingShep 2019



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