Halloween Reads: Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine

Goosebumps by R.L. Stine were my introduction to scary books back when scholastic book fairs were the highlight of our week. We would wait to read them when it got dark and rainy on school days. These were a fun thrill and even more so when eventually they were turned into movies/a show.

What Are They About/My Thoughts

The stories range from killer dolls to alien librarians. All of them infuse enough of an eerie factor to convey scary without going over the top. Most of the stories include kids, boy or girl, being thrown into a scary situation and most of the time the adults don’t believe them until it is too late! The great thing about these stories is that you were ready to read the next one as soon as you finished one.

Overall Impression

In my opinion, the best out of the Goosebumps series were the choose your adventure versions. You would start the story and then be told to either turn to page A or page B once you arrived at a fork in the story, like opening a door or not, or choosing to go left or right. Each book isn’t too long and can be a fun way to spend an October night. A Halloween list wouldn’t be complete without adding these classics.

Image from kids.scholastic.com

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