Halloween Reads: The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson

The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson is the first of a new series and the next entry into my Halloween Reads series. The concept of being excluded because of being mixed is what originally drew me to check out this book because I identified with that struggle. This story intertwines these themes into a twisted and unique tale that left me eager for the next installment.

What’s It About?

The Prophet’s word is law in the town of Bethel but Immanuelle Moore’s mother went against those laws. Her union with an outsider of a different race caused the Moore family to fall into disgrace. Immanuelle being the product of that union, lives the life of an outsider and does her best to follow the laws in order to be accepted by the congregation.

Until one day she is drawn to the forbidden dark wood surrounding Bethel. Forbidden because it is rumored that four powerful witches’ spirits live in the woods with their dark magic. Immanuelle finds the rumors to be true when they appear to her and gift her the diary of her dead mother who once sought refuge in the dark wood.

Immanuelle doesn’t understand why her mother consorted with the witches until grisly truths about the Church and the prophet’s law are revealed. What is the true threat to Bethel and can Immanuelle face that threat?

My Thoughts

This story grips you from the beginning with its’ strange cult like atmosphere. The lingering since of mystery and suspense keeps you glued to the pages and eager to unravel the mystery along with Immanuelle. The cultist themes were disconcerting at times but added to the eeriness of the tale. This is definitely a book you can’t put down.

Overall Impression

The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson is a gripping supernatural mystery sure to keep you engrossed in its’ pages. The cult themes and bloody violence are not for every reader but if you can stomach it, is a true Halloween delight!

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