Movie Review| Black Box

Black Box movie poster. Half of a man's face with only one eye visible is seen poking out of a crack where the eye should be on a larger image of his face.

Halloween Movies| Black Box

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Black Box centers on a father that survives the accident that kills his wife but is left with debilitating memory loss. His daughter helps him manage for the most part but it seems like his memory loss is worsening as the days go on. With few prospects for a cure, he enlists in an experimental treatment hoping to get better. However, each time he delves into his mind he is haunted by an odd, shadowy figure that seems intent on reaching him.

My Thoughts

This movie was a refreshing new twist into the psychological/horror genre. The mysterious shadowy character in the story is increasingly menacing each time it appears. Watching it move made me highly uncomfortable and when I learned that it was an actual contortionist doing the movements it made the movie all the more scary for me. Part horror, part mystery, and part suspense, if you’re looking for a movie that keeps you guessing, give this one a try!

Black Box Trailer

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  • Movie: Black Box
  • Streaming Service: Amazon Prime Video

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