Movie Review| Candyman (2021)

Halloween Movies| Candyman (2021)

  1. Halloween Movies| Candyman (2021)
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Artist Anthony McCoy lives with his art gallery director girlfriend Brianna Cartwright in their newly renovated apartment complex overlooking the remnants of Cabrini-Green. McCoy is struggling to follow up his previous successes in his art and looking for inspiration when he is told about the history of the neighborhood’s dark past. The murders centered around a mysterious figure known as Candyman who appears if you say his name five times in a mirror. Drawn into the lore, Anthony decides to explore it further. But when it seems he has awoken something from the past, he wonders if the possibility of inspiration was worth the cost.

My Thoughts

Beware trypophobics! This film is NOT for you. Plenty of imagery involving holes are in this film and will definitely induce anxiety.

Be prepared for gore filled deaths and some good jump inducing moments. The artistry depicted to help express the story is unique and original. The film elevates from centering on horror to a jarring look at racial injustice and brutality inflicted over the years. It begs the question, who is truly evil? Overall this was a great full circle sequel from the original Candyman made in 1992.

Candyman Trailer

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