Travel Tips For the Holiday Season

Travel Tips for the Holiday Season

  1. Reusable Water-bottles
  2. Travel-Friendly Snacks
  3. Dress in Layers
  4. Blanket
  5. Neck Pillow
  6. Ear Plugs/Noise Cancelling Headphones
  7. Eyeshades
  8. Thick Socks
  9. Basic Toiletries and Change of Clothes
  10. International Converter
  11. Cash
  12. Travel-Friendly Credit Card
  13. Photocopy of Your Passport
  14. Travel Insurance
  15. Baby Wipes/Cleansing Wipes

Traveling on a plane can be both fun and exciting. Being miles from the ground and feeling like you are defying the laws of nature can inspire a feeling of greatness. However, ensuring your journey is a stress free one can be quite the challenge. Here are some often less than thought about tips for having a more comfortable and less stressful experience.

Domestic Travel

Reusable Water-bottles

Although you can’t take liquids with you through security, bringing a reusable water bottle can be a great way to save money and stay hydrated throughout your trip. Simply come to the airport with an empty bottle and refill it at one of the many stations in the airport. You can even ask for it to be filled with water once you are on the plane. Additionally, investing in a carabiner clip to attach your bottle to your bag keeps your hands free.

Travel-Friendly Snacks

Having your own snacks like trail mix, jerky, or meal substitute powders allow you to stay prepared in the event of delays or cancellations. Instant oatmeal, grits or cup noodles are a less than thought about option as well. Hot water is usually accessible on the plane but there are some airport cafes that are not averse to giving you hot water for free. Unfortunately many restaurants in the terminals are short staffed so the lines to buy food can get ridiculously long.

Dress in Layers

At times the plane can feel like an icebox and other times the heat works just TOO well. Dressing in layers is critical so you can adjust accordingly to fluctuating temperatures both within the airport and on the airplane. Not to mention it offers the possibility of rolling up a sweater or hoodie to create a make shift pillow!

Keep on Hand

Sanitizer/Disinfectant Wipes

When it comes to the plane, bringing your own sanitizer and disinfecting wipes is highly recommended to disinfect your seat, seat back screen and hands.

Wired Headphones or Converter

Most planes do not allow you to connect to the seat back screen without wired headphones so bringing your own is a must. You could also buy a converter to use your own bluetooth headphones.

Credit/Debit Card

Have your wallet or credit/debit card handy incase you plan to make any onboard purchases such as food or liquor. You don’t want to be the person inconveniencing others by having to get up and dig for your wallet in the bag you left in the overhead compartment.

Portable charger/Charging cable

Having your charger in the seat with you allows you to charge while you fly. But it also may be a good idea to have a portable charger as well incase you don’t have access to power.

Any Medications You Need

Have any medications you need on your person in case you need it or incase there is an emergency. It is easier to tell someone to grab your medicine from your pocket rather than dig through your bag to find it.

I am partial to teas rather than pills myself. Ginger and peppermint tea are good for nausea. Chamomile and Linden flowers tea both have a calming effect. Chamomile is better for pain while Linden flowers tea is great as a sleep aid.

Stain Pen/Wrinkle Release Spray

Stain remover or wrinkle release spray would be ideal for the traveler that cannot afford to arrive at their destination at less than their best.

Make Your Stay Comfortable


If you tend to get cold, bringing your own blanket could add to your comfort because blankets aren’t always guaranteed on a flight. A pashmina could also be a wearable blanket of sorts that is easier to carry.

Neck Pillow

In terms of neck pillows, the trtl pillow is one I highly recommend. It offers great support and takes up less space. I have yet to see anyone leave that pillow behind but the blow-up neck pillow and U shaped pillow tend to be forgotten.

Ear Plugs/Noise Cancelling Headphones

Ear plugs or noise canceling headphones may be a good idea in the event you get seated by a crying baby or noisy toddlers.


Eyeshades are great to fully commit to that inflight nap. It also clearly conveys the message you only want to sleep and not be bothered.

Thick Socks

The plane tends to run colder around the floor during the fall and winter months. Having your own warm wool or sherpa socks will keep you plenty comfortable throughout the flight.

Incase Things Don’t Go According to Plan

Basic Toiletries and Change of Clothes

Having basic toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, and body wash along with one change of clothes in your carry on is a good idea in the event you end up missing a flight or experience delays that keep you away from your checked luggage.

These items are especially vital in the event of inclement weather since you can never be sure of what unforeseen circumstance will arise.

International Travel

International Converter

An international converter for your charger in the event of different outlet ports in your destination is HIGHLY recommended. It could mean the difference between having all the amenities you need or having to go out and buy new things!


Having cash to easily trade to convert to the local currency could save you time and headaches from looking for an ATM to withdraw from!

Travel-Friendly Credit Card

A credit card with minimal international fees is optimal in order to avoid a high bill when you return. Make sure it also offers the option to cancel the card incase you lose it or it gets stolen.

Photocopy of Your Passport

Have a photocopy of your passport in your email and a print copy hidden in your suitcase should you lose or have your actual passport taken.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, depending on your length of stay and valuables could be something to consider for peace of mind. If you are doing more adventurous sports or excursions, be sure to include medical coverage as well.

Baby Wipes/Cleansing Wipes

Finally, some countries may have limited running water so having baby wipes/cleansing wipes on hand could be a life saver (it also could spare you from freezing cold bucket baths).

In Conclusion

Remember to Be Flexible!

As much as we love to plan things, maybe even down to the last detail, nothing is set in stone. Depending on your travel destination, length, and plans–it always pays to be prepared and to consider options in the event things don’t go according to plan. It could be the difference between an awful trip and an amazing adventure.

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I hope these tips help you and give you ideas of what to bring on your travels this holiday season. Let me know if you have any other ideas in the comments below and please like and share this post if you found it helpful!

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