Podcast Review| Erika Taught Me

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Podcast Review| Erika Taught Me


Known for reading the fine print so you don’t have to, Erika Kullberg is a former attorney known for her helpful tips and hacks she shares on social media. In the Erika Taught Me podcast each Tuesday she interviews well known figures from different fields and questions them on how they found their success, lessons they learned along the way and what they can teach listeners.

My Thoughts

From life hacks to memory tips to building passive income, each guest Erika has chosen has had great information to share. She is great at asking the vital questions that listeners would like to know. I enjoy the back and forth conversations she has with guests and the length of each episode is just enough to make you feel satisfied. My favorite episode thus far is “Upgrade your Life with These Life Hacks with Chris Hutchins,” definitely a must listen for some good tips! I would recommend this podcast for anyone interested in finance, life, mindset help and inspiration.

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