• Eight Tips on How to Become an Extra

    Eight Tips on How to Become an Extra

    Eight Tips on How to Become an Extra As a kid, I wanted to know what it was like to be on the screen. While I don’t know if I have acting potential, I was still interested in the process of being on a set. That’s when I did research to try and figure out […] Read more

  • Travel| Anchorage, Alaska

    Travel| Anchorage, Alaska

    Travel: My First Visit to Alaska I have visited many different places so far but Alaska was not at the top of my list. Mainly because the picture I had in my head was of the frozen and snowy landscape, desolate and unwelcoming. Visiting Anchorage in the beginning of August changed my mind. I am […] Read more

  • Art| My First Sculpting Class

    Art| My First Sculpting Class

    My First Sculpting Class I grew up with a deep appreciation of art. It served as a creative outlet and form of expression for me. I’ve tried acrylic painting, embroidery, sketching, and digital art to name a few. But I have always wanted to try clay sculpting. When I found a class to try, I […] Read more

  • Happy New Year 2023!

    Happy New Year 2023!

    New Year 2023 It’s a new year and another opportunity to make promises to do better than you did last year, to make new goals and aspirations that this year will be different than the last. But before you jump on that sometimes overwhelming train to prove that you are productive and worthy of envy, […] Read more

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Builds Anticipation

    Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Builds Anticipation

    Well the Spider-man: No Way Home Trailer has just released and by the looks of it, this movie is one sure to impress! If you recall the ending of the last movie, Mysterio was able to reveal Spider-man’s secret identity to the world. We pick up from that great reveal to Peter desperately looking for […] Read more

  • Travel Tips For the Holiday Season

    Travel Tips For the Holiday Season

    Travel Tips for the Holiday Season Traveling on a plane can be both fun and exciting. Being miles from the ground and feeling like you are defying the laws of nature can inspire a feeling of greatness. However, ensuring your journey is a stress free one can be quite the challenge. Here are some often […] Read more


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