• Why Should You Try Veganuary?

    Why Should You Try Veganuary?

    What is Veganuary? Veganuary serves to inspire people to try being vegan for the month of January. Being vegan means you abstain from animal products and this abstinence can range from just your diet to the products used. For example, clothing, hygiene, and cosmetics. Animals we consume are producing a great deal of carbon pollution… Read more

  • Resolutions 2018 DONE

    Resolutions 2018 DONE

    For 2018 I made the resolutions of: Staying off of social media Getting into shape Paying off all my debts Staying single Now in 2019, I can say I completed all my resolutions successfully. It was definitely difficult and required a great deal of discipline on my part. I would have to say that staying… Read more

  • Miguel Sequel: The Ascension Tour

    Miguel Sequel: The Ascension Tour

    September 4, 2018, The Anthem, Washington D.C. It was announced in June, right around my birthday-that Miguel would go on tour again and I knew I just had to take advantage of the chance. After Miguel surpassed my expectations in March at the War & Leisure Tour, I was eager to see him again! This… Read more

  • Dealing with Yourself

    Dealing with Yourself

    It has been seven full months without social media thus far. The first month began with a search for a replacement which was the Pocket Camp app. I broke free from the game because I had exciting events in February and March to look forward to. April was the struggle to finish everything for my… Read more

  • Do You Lack Direction?

    Do You Lack Direction?

    Don’t you hate how when you get older you lose the sense of an ultimate goal of what you want to do in life? It’s like adulthood alters the simplicity of your desires. You get saddled with the added weight of reality and responsibility. You feel cornered into making the sensible choice, or the most logical.… Read more

  • Miguel War & Leisure Concert 2018

    Miguel War & Leisure Concert 2018

    Last Night I had the pleasure of enjoying my first Miguel concert at the Coca Cola Roxy in Atlanta. What can I say about the War & Leisure concert? It met all my expectations and had me looking to see if I could make the concert again in another city! I became a fan of… Read more


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