• Are You Drowning in Technology?

    Are You Drowning in Technology?

    Don’t you feel like there isn’t real interaction between people anymore? The endless stream of information through our social media channels serve as a constant distraction. We deal with each other superficially and don’t truly get to know each other. By not allowing ourselves the room to let our mind wander, we lose our sense… Read more

  • Do You Have A Right To Be Depressed?

    Do You Have A Right To Be Depressed?

    The thing that makes depression especially difficult is the fact that it is just like pain. It’s something you can feel but isn’t outright evident to others. It’s scary that you can feel as if you’re fading away behind the smiles you give people and they could never have an inkling of the turmoil you… Read more

  • New Year, Just Me: December 31, 2017

    New Year, Just Me: December 31, 2017

    I came to the realization that I have spent the majority of my life as half of a couple or longing to be a part of one. This has come at the detriment of self and understanding of who I am as a person and my wants or needs. Social media served as a distraction… Read more


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