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Captain Marvel: A Mood

CAUTION: Potential spoiler? . . . . . . . "I don't have anything to prove to you." If you've seen the movie then this is relevant to you, if you haven't-I don't believe this gives too much away. This phrase represents a mindset that we as strong women must embrace. Recognizing that you are… Continue reading Captain Marvel: A Mood

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What Are You Waiting For?

Imagine for a moment that person you have always had feelings for, the job you have always wanted, the trip you have always wanted to take, the hobby you have always wanted to do, the experience you have been eager to have. Now consider if you knew you only had 24 hours to live. What… Continue reading What Are You Waiting For?

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Motivated To Be You

It can be difficult, especially in today's world to feel like you can be yourself authentically. You're pressured to present a curated image of your life and feelings. Only show things that are, 'Worthy of the gram.' Beautiful, envy-worthy scenery, the best angles, the brightest colors. Life isn't as perfect as the images we are… Continue reading Motivated To Be You

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How To Get Told You’re Beautiful Everyday

I get told I'm beautiful every day. I receive massages every other day. I'm shown love every day through kind words, acts of service and the care showed me. I receive random gifts of things I like. Surprise flowers just because. What do I do to receive all these things and inspire these expressions of… Continue reading How To Get Told You’re Beautiful Everyday

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Compete with Michael B. Jordan: How to Get Fit in 2019

#ComeAtMeMichaelB: How to Get Fit in 2019 Unbeknownst to Michael B. Jordan, I've been in competition with him since June of 2018. Competing in terms of fitness regimen and dedication. Although I don't have the same resources, I've done my best with articles from the likes of Muscle & Fitness and Men's Health to at… Continue reading Compete with Michael B. Jordan: How to Get Fit in 2019


How to Inspire Creativity

Creativity can sometimes prove elusive to those of us who are more cerebral or logical but the ability to be creative rests in everyone. Sometimes we are limited by our ideal of what creativity can and cannot be. However, it manifests itself in different and various forms. From the artistry of a painter to the… Continue reading How to Inspire Creativity