Wealthy Rush to Aid Notre Dame, Why Not Others?

It is sad to see that a historical landmark like Notre Dame has been damaged and ravaged by fire. The cathedral has stood for hundreds of years, inspired countless artists, and stories like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. While the bell towers were saved, the roof and spire toppled and crumbled down. Many entities areContinue reading “Wealthy Rush to Aid Notre Dame, Why Not Others?”

Family: A Big Part of My Culture

I am multiracial so the house I grew up in was influenced by more than one culture. My Mexican culture placed a high emphasis on family. The family is considered the foundation when it comes to life. Your family is expected to support and always be there for you. In turn, it is your dutyContinue reading “Family: A Big Part of My Culture”

Have You Seen the Shadow People?

The world is covered in a moonless night. It is late, but I’m awakened by a building sense of foreboding. I toss and turn in my bed trying to get back to sleep but the building uneasiness won’t allow me to. I open my eyes and sit up. I look at the bare wall myContinue reading “Have You Seen the Shadow People?”

Captain Marvel: A Mood

CAUTION: Potential spoiler? . . . . . . . “I don’t have anything to prove to you.” If you’ve seen the movie then this is relevant to you, if you haven’t-I don’t believe this gives too much away. This phrase represents a mindset that we as strong women must embrace. Recognizing that you areContinue reading “Captain Marvel: A Mood”


So by now most of us have seen the interview with R. Kelly vehemently denying any wrongdoing. He exclaims that he is ‘fighting for his life’ and that we are ‘killing him.’ He jumps out of his seat and prostrates his hands aggressively seemingly to get his point across. All while Gayle King watches passivelyContinue reading “R.Kelly…Genuine?”

The Power of Emotional Control

Control of your emotions is akin to holding power over your primal brain. When emotions are left unchecked you can fall prey to them. You are moved only by your feelings which can leave you making poor decisions you otherwise wouldn’t have. Controlled emotions allow you to take in the world more objectively. You become removed fromContinue reading “The Power of Emotional Control”

The Man Who Cried Hate Crime?

The news outlets are a flurry over Jussie Smollet and his claims of being the victim of a hate crime. Multiple news outlets have reported that Jussie Smollett was attacked on an early morning in Chicago by two assailants who yelled racial and homophobic slurs, poured bleach on Smollett, and left a noose around hisContinue reading “The Man Who Cried Hate Crime?”

What Are You?

As a multiracial woman I tend to hear this question often, What are you? Sometimes it makes me feel as if I am something abnormal. My answer can range from the truth to simply replying, “human” it depends on my mood. I used to say I am half of each race because that is the way IContinue reading “What Are You?”

Is Our Government Poisoning Us?

I had an encounter with an individual who brought up their concerns about the government spraying us with metals. According to them, aluminum and barium are sprayed to minimize harmful rays from the depletion of the ozone layer. They discussed the white trails that are seen behind planes as they fly overhead and the wayContinue reading “Is Our Government Poisoning Us?”