I sway gently with the breeze, I see you slowly wavering through the trees, My petals are laid bare for you to see, I wonder if my colors will entice thee, My stigma is glistening with anticipation, Eager for our unification, You draw closer hovering just above me, I’m a lock awaiting my key, YouContinue reading “Pollinator”

Unlucky Number 13

Life has been unkind to you since your day of birth, Born into a world of pain and hurt, Trapped in a cage only you can feel, “Is your pain real?” Questioned before you can begin to heal, Your reality a colored prism, You hide behind your mannerisms, A smile and a laugh to hideContinue reading “Unlucky Number 13”

I Still…

“I Still Love You.” They whispered like a prayer and a curse, “So what do you want to do?” I reply through my lingering hurt. “I want to love you for the rest of my days, in only the best of ways.” Their words cause a pang in my heart. I remember how strong our loveContinue reading “I Still…”

Oceanic Reverie

I stood at the edge of the ocean, Thinking on life decisions I’ve made, I was transfixed by the waves motion, They drew me in closer, into the water I wade, The sun’s rays washed me in their warmth, Soothing my mind’s inner storm, Lost was I in the tides that ebbed and flowed, MyContinue reading “Oceanic Reverie”