You’ll always find me with a book in my hand or current favorite I’ve watched. I tend to favor romance, mysteries, and some feel good reads. Although lately I’ve delved into some horror and the adrenaline is a rush.

My movie and show choices are varied but I love action, romantic-comedies, and a good thriller or two.

Check out my reviews below to help you decide on your next book, movie, or show. Let me know if you like them too or have your own suggestions for me to check out in the comments below!

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  • A Childish Gambino Film: Guava Island Review

    A Childish Gambino Film: Guava Island Review

    “Guava Island” is a unique narrative by Childish Gambino that seems like a mix between legend, fairytale, movie and musical. It centers around a couple and their struggle to survive and thrive. The film starts with an origin story in which seven Gods created what they termed as the ‘dueling truths’ love and war. They then… Read more

  • CAUTION SPOILER HEAVY: US Movie Review and Breakdown

    CAUTION SPOILER HEAVY: US Movie Review and Breakdown

    THIS IS SPOILER HEAVY SO UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LAST CHANCE . . . . . . Alright, I did my due diligence. Now I just finished watching the movie US… Read more


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