How to Stop Being An Impulse Buyer

I have to make a confession which I feel is one of the first steps toward recovery. I am an impulse buyer. I buy things on a whim. I buy things based on emotions. I buy things just to buy them. It becomes especially troublesome with Amazon prime. It’s like Christmas every two days. AtContinue reading “How to Stop Being An Impulse Buyer”

What Are the Basics in Harmoniously Living With Someone?

There are some universal things that I feel both parties in a relationship must bring to the table for a cohabitation to truly flourish and last. These basics center on the ability to care for yourself. It is crucial you know how to do so before trying to shirk the responsibility onto your partner. It isn’tContinue reading “What Are the Basics in Harmoniously Living With Someone?”

Why I Don’t Want To Be Your Everything

In relationships, we often consider it to be romantic when someone considers you their everything. We think, I mean so much to them, I feel important. Which can feel great initially but become taxing and draining as time goes on. When you are literally everything to someone, you have so many roles to play. SomeContinue reading “Why I Don’t Want To Be Your Everything”

Why You Shouldn’t Treat Your Partner Like A Project

For a vast majority of women, we tend to view the men in our lives like projects. On the one hand it is understandable because of our innate creative capacity. I mean, we have the power to create and bring forth life! However, when it comes to the men we are dating we need toContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Treat Your Partner Like A Project”

Good People Learned Bad Behavior

When it comes to relationships, we can try our best to be good to someone but not realize that our definition of ‘good’ can be tainted. We can express learned toxic behaviors that we came to believe were positive when in fact they were not. You can hope to be wonderful to someone but notContinue reading “Good People Learned Bad Behavior”

How to Keep Medical Costs Low

One of the worst things about being in the United States is how costly it is to be sick or get treated here. Sometimes people can sink into tremendous debt to the point where they lose their homes. It is sad things are that way but maybe one day it can change, especially if weContinue reading “How to Keep Medical Costs Low”

Captain Marvel: A Mood

CAUTION: Potential spoiler? . . . . . . . “I don’t have anything to prove to you.” If you’ve seen the movie then this is relevant to you, if you haven’t-I don’t believe this gives too much away. This phrase represents a mindset that we as strong women must embrace. Recognizing that you areContinue reading “Captain Marvel: A Mood”

What Are You Waiting For?

Imagine for a moment that person you have always had feelings for, the job you have always wanted, the trip you have always wanted to take, the hobby you have always wanted to do, the experience you have been eager to have. Now consider if you knew you only had 24 hours to live. WhatContinue reading “What Are You Waiting For?”

The Power of Emotional Control

Control of your emotions is akin to holding power over your primal brain. When emotions are left unchecked you can fall prey to them. You are moved only by your feelings which can leave you making poor decisions you otherwise wouldn’t have. Controlled emotions allow you to take in the world more objectively. You become removed fromContinue reading “The Power of Emotional Control”

What You Should Allow in A Relationship

A person can only treat you in the manner in which you allow. You teach others what you will and will not accept. It is up to you to demand respect and manners. Sometimes we tend to forget this fact and get upset at people for how they end up treating us. Leaving us feelingContinue reading “What You Should Allow in A Relationship”