CAUTION SPOILER HEAVY: US Movie Review and Breakdown

THIS IS SPOILER HEAVY SO UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LAST CHANCE . . . . . . Alright, I did my due diligence. Now I just finished watching the movie USContinue reading “CAUTION SPOILER HEAVY: US Movie Review and Breakdown”

Have You Seen the Shadow People?

The world is covered in a moonless night. It is late, but I’m awakened by a building sense of foreboding. I toss and turn in my bed trying to get back to sleep but the building uneasiness won’t allow me to. I open my eyes and sit up. I look at the bare wall myContinue reading “Have You Seen the Shadow People?”