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Good People Bad Behavior

When it comes to relationships, we can try our best to be good to someone but not realize that our definition of 'good' can be tainted. We can express learned toxic behaviors that we came to believe were positive when in fact they were not. You can hope to be wonderful to someone but not… Continue reading Good People Bad Behavior

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Compete with Michael B. Jordan: How to Get Fit in 2019

#ComeAtMeMichaelB: How to Get Fit in 2019 Unbeknownst to Michael B. Jordan, I've been in competition with him since June of 2018. Competing in terms of fitness regimen and dedication. Although I don't have the same resources, I've done my best with articles from the likes of Muscle & Fitness and Men's Health to at… Continue reading Compete with Michael B. Jordan: How to Get Fit in 2019


I’m Back! Hello Again in 2019

Towards the end of 2017, I was dealing with plenty of mixed emotions. There was a lingering depression I was trying to get over. Depression that caused me to gain weight and my face to have horrible acne. I also lost a sense of self-confidence. I had anger and resentment from the actions others took.… Continue reading I’m Back! Hello Again in 2019