Do I Have Smiling Depression?

Do you feel as if you have bouts of pronounced sadness when you are alone? Have thoughts of whether you are truly needed in this life? Feeling a lack of self-worth, self-esteem, and hopelessness? Yet do you hide it behind a cheery demeanor because you don’t want to burden others with your feelings? or feel asContinue reading “Do I Have Smiling Depression?”

Social Media After a Year Without

Now that I have been back on social media for a week. I find myself surprised that I feel so underwhelmed by it. I’m wondering why I was on it so much before and am a little out of sorts from the new features of the apps. Every app seems to look like the other.Continue reading “Social Media After a Year Without”

Tethered to Our Devices

We’re consumed with the need to stay plugged in. It’s an addiction that remains to be named. We limit ourselves to view life through the middle man of the television, laptop or phone screen. No longer can we stay focused on one thing for long, we watch something but are checking our phones at theContinue reading “Tethered to Our Devices”

Drowning in Technology

Don’t you feel like there isn’t real interaction between people anymore? The endless stream of information through our social media channels serve as a constant distraction. We deal with each other superficially and don’t truly get to know each other. By not allowing ourselves the room to let our mind wander, we lose our senseContinue reading “Drowning in Technology”