Should You Give Your Number or Should They Ask?

Yesterday I got into a small debate with my coworkers about whether you should give your number to someone that seems interested or if they are supposed to ask. In my opinion, if someone is interested in you then they should ask for your number. I mean imagine it like this, someone compliments your looks… Continue reading Should You Give Your Number or Should They Ask?


Trapped In A Dream…or Nightmare

Have you ever had a dream where you felt yourself so engrossed in the storyline that you just couldn't pull away? It is sort of like you are concentrating to stay asleep just to see what comes next. Sometimes the dream can feel so vivid that you can barely tell that you are asleep. I… Continue reading Trapped In A Dream…or Nightmare

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Emotional Control

Control of your emotions is akin to holding power over your primal brain. When emotions are left unchecked you can fall prey to them. You are moved only by your feelings which can leave you making poor decisions you otherwise wouldn't have. Controlled emotions allow you to take in the world more objectively. You become removed from… Continue reading Emotional Control