I isolate myself as a litmus test of my importance,

Do you notice my absence?

Will you care if I’m gone?

The air is tense,

The world without song,

Woman in a crowded alleyway of people facing the camera and highlighted by lighting from above

I feel like a drop in the ocean.

Lost in the mass of waves and surf,

Questioning my worth.

I feel myself drawing away,

yet no one is asking me to stay.

I sit in a dark corner,

the self-made loner.

In a room with bare walls,

Lonely halls, eerie calls,

I fight with all my might,

against the voices in the night,

Specters invite me to share in their pain,

Their words laced with disdain,

Walking in my solitude, as I trek through the multitude,

I realize,

The invitation to demise,

wouldn’t come if I wasn’t a prize,

I’ll continue to resist,

Despite what the voices insist,

One day I’ll win emancipation,

from this damning isolation.

©JustTalkingShep 2019

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