What to Do About Loneliness?

I’ve been feeling even more isolated and alone as of late. I don’t know who I can express myself to without fear of them thinking badly or differently of me. I don’t want my loved ones to worry. And I’m not even sure if I can get them to understand.

Black and white image of a woman on a train with her head in her hands.
Have you felt as if no one can quite understand your feelings?

You have people in your life you know love and support you, yet you still cannot shake the feeling of isolation. Part of it is feeling like you have no one with whom you can express your authentic self.

You’re wearing the mask that fits whoever you are around. Your parents expect you to fit into their vision of you. Your job expects you to be pleasant all the time. Your friends know you as the energetic light-hearted jokester. However, you are more than all of that.

You experience bouts of sadness and pain, melancholy, irritation, aggravation, anger, and hopelessness. You don’t want to take away from the image that you have come to realize is acceptable to others. Yet, this denial of self is causing you to feel removed from everyone.

What is a possible solution to loneliness?

You have to be able to fully express yourself with at least one person. If not, you feel like you are drowning in a sea of isolation and suffocating on loneliness.

Be sure this person you choose to share your authentic self with is not going to make you feel judged or wrong for expressing how you truly feel. You shouldn’t be berated or chastised for feeling however you do.

Choose someone you are comfortable with and don’t have to wear a mask with to be accepted. If you have yet to find that person, then be daring enough to allow yourself to remove your mask with the family member or friend you feel closest to. Perhaps they need to express their true selves as well.

Loneliness is ever more present with the advent of technology and social media.

You see everyone else with their smiling faces surrounded by a crowd of friends. You’re a spectator to strangers living these beautiful lives seemingly without a care in the world.

Understand that not everything is as it seems. Some of those images capture the loneliest people in the world.

We all want someone we don’t have to please with a mask. We all need an outlet to truly be ourselves.

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