Happy New Year 2023!

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New Year 2023

It’s a new year and another opportunity to make promises to do better than you did last year, to make new goals and aspirations that this year will be different than the last. But before you jump on that sometimes overwhelming train to prove that you are productive and worthy of envy, might I suggest appreciating what you have done up to this point? Even if it is something as simple as continuing to survive a pandemic, you are still just as deserving of praise.

I’m going into this year with the intention of being less critical of myself and more open to others. I’ve been pretty reclusive and closed off for awhile now. This self inflicted isolation has been enlightening for discoveries about myself but a detriment to my social life. I’m worried I am leaning more toward being a hermit at this point!

So this year, I am going to attempt to keep more consistently in touch. Let you in on what I’m working on and doing. Look out for many more books read, new art pieces made and new memories made. I encourage you to pursue your goals in this new year as well. No matter how small!

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2 responses to “Happy New Year 2023!”

  1. I love this Little!! I myself have been very focused inward and have lost sight of what having a social life looks like, so I too will be planning to step out of my comfort and isolation and working on fixing that. So excited for all this new year has to offer ❤️❤️

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