Dealing with Yourself


It has been seven full months without social media thus far. The first month began with a search for a replacement which was the Pocket Camp app. I broke free from the game because I had exciting events in February and March to look forward to. April was the struggle to finish everything for my master’s degree. May was filled with the high from graduating and finally finishing my two years to get an MBA.

Throughout those months I started reading books to improve my weaknesses and my mentality.

However, June was the breakthrough of me delving deeper into myself and who I am based on what I read and self-evaluation for half a year. I began exercising more. It wasn’t for looks but for testing my strength and the endorphin rush from finishing my workouts.

I was beginning to understand myself on a level I hadn’t before.

This continued into July where I continued to study myself and be honest with my emotions. So far, August has been the month where I see changes in myself physically and feel changes in myself mentally.

I’ve realized that social media served as a way to nullify my senses to the world around me and to hinder genuine interactions with others. It was a way to avoid dealing with myself and allowed me to remain a spectator in other people’s lives.

Social media can be a great way to stay in touch with friends and connect with celebrities and brands.

However, it also serves as a way to hinder ourselves from living each moment fully. It makes us think about how to best present what we experience rather than just enjoy our time.

My suggestion is for us to relearn how to just live rather than broadcast. Snapping, recording, and going live removes us from the moments and true fulfillment that all of us are desperately trying to find. Every experience doesn’t have to be shared, some are worth keeping to yourself.


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