Miguel Sequel: The Ascension Tour

Miguel Ascension Tour Poster

September 4, 2018, The Anthem, Washington D.C.

It was announced in June, right around my birthday-that Miguel would go on tour again and I knew I just had to take advantage of the chance. After Miguel surpassed my expectations in March at the War & Leisure Tour, I was eager to see him again!

This time I signed up for the VIP experience that included a meet and greet along with a photo opportunity. I was nervous about what I would say and how it would go right up to the point where I actually spoke with him.

Miguel Ascension Tour Poster. Miguel silhouette in different colors and sizes ascending between two pillars with the eye of Horus drawn on it
Miguel Ascension Tour Poster

To prepare, I designed my own shirt once again because I wanted to do something different. Since Miguel had some Egyptian tones to his tour logo design, I delved further and used the commonly recognized profile of Nefertiti and had her ascending to maintain his tour theme.

Shep Miguel Ascension Tour Shirt Design, Ancient Egyptian styled woman ascending between two pillars
My design for the tour

I also made a shirt for my friend but she enjoys sailor moon so it was Usagi ascending.

Sailor Moon themed Miguel poster with character ascending between two pillars
Second Miguel design

The fated night came and we took an Uber to The Anthem and made our way to the front lobby. We received VIP lanyards and were told to await further instructions.

We were finally called into the interior of the venue and took the stairs to a setup photo area and stood in line for our turn with Miguel. The VIP guide explained to us that Miguel was saving his voice for the show and basically warned us not to be ‘too friendly.’

We both eagerly discussed our ideas of what it may be like and my friend laughed at my nervousness.

I was my usual awkward self and was barely coherent but I managed to tell him what my favorite song was and why. I also ended up flubbing in saying “It was nice to miss-I mean, meet you.” He is just as handsome in person as he is in the pictures. Awesome smile and aura. It was a brief maybe five minutes altogether.

From there we were led into another area of the venue to wait to enter the general admission floor. The anticipation was palpable and when they finally opened the door we rushed to the stage.

Luckily, we ended up being front row center and the vantage from that point did not disappoint. The night began with Nonchalant Savant crooning the crowd with some mellow and moving numbers. Then came DVSN(pronounced division) whom I am assuming is more well-known, although I hadn’t heard of him before that night.

Miguel did not disappoint when he finally took the stage. He started with my favorite song, which I would like to think is because of me mentioning it. Then he went into a medley of his hits along with some songs he hasn’t released publicly yet.

The way he moves and looks at the crowd is mesmerizing.

He exuded sexual charisma and confidence that was overwhelmingly sexy. A woman in the audience even flashed her boobs during his performance! Miguel ended the concert with some older songs that delighted his fans that have been following him since the beginning.

It was quite the experience and I highly recommend seeing Miguel live if you ever have the chance.

©JustTalkingShep 2018

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