Travel| Anchorage, Alaska

Travel: My First Visit to Alaska

I have visited many different places so far but Alaska was not at the top of my list. Mainly because the picture I had in my head was of the frozen and snowy landscape, desolate and unwelcoming. Visiting Anchorage in the beginning of August changed my mind. I am so glad to say I was proven wrong!

August felt more like a cool autumn than summer in Alaska. It rained on and off while we were there and was somewhat downcast but that didn’t detract too much from the beauty. We took a tour via that included a visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC), Chugach State Park with Beluga Point, stops along Portage Glacier Road that included views of Explorer, Middle and Byron Glacier and a walk through a rainforest.

There were many different animals at the AWCC! A great many of them were huddled together in the rain or hiding out all together. I was happy I was able to see the animals that did decide to sit out. There weren’t too many people there but since it was such a big area it may have skewed my perception of the crowds. You could have paid for optional close encounters with some of the animals but I chose not to participate this time.

Some loners came out but most of the animals were not trying to come closer and be seen. They were relaxing together!

Elk keeping warm together in the rain completely ignoring visitors.

No belugas were out at Beluga Point but it was still a nice spot to look out over the water. I am sure it is even more beautiful when the sun is out.

The views in Alaska were spectacular and made me feel full of appreciation for the wonders we can find here on Earth. I recommend visiting Alaska at least once. Don’t let fear of the cold keep you away, and if anything plan to visit when the weather is milder.

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