Podcast Review| Strawberry Spring by iHeart

Strawberry Spring | iHeart pocast cover. A darkened forest pathway with a single figure in the middle.

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Halloween Podcast| Strawberry Spring by iHeart


Based on a short story by Stephen King in his collection titled NightShift, in Strawberry Spring we follow the exploits of students on the school paper during the sixties revolution. A serial killer named Springheel Jack, a modern day Jack the Ripper as he comes to be known, is on the loose and terrorizing the campus of New Sharon College. Moving within the foggy blanket that covers the campus, the murders he inflicts grow ever more violent until one day he vanishes without a trace. It’s eight years later and the foggy weather that blanketed the campus before is back and the murders have started again. Can the students work with the police to uncover who he is and can they stop him this time?

My Thoughts

This series was well written and eerie. The musical score and background audio helped to build the overall mood of the story and bring you along with the characters. The murders were gore filled and not pleasant to listen to but it added to the thrill of the story. I tuned in each week because I was eager to solve the mystery and discover who Springheel Jack was. If you’re looking for a murder filled psychological thriller, give this podcast a listen!

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